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Master Perfumer Roja Dove Talks About The Universal Nature Of A Fragrance

The world’s only Professeur de Parfum, Roja Dove has established a rich lineage through his mesmerizing fragrances including the hugely successful Oudh collection

In conversation with ParfumPlus, he talks about his interpretation of a fragrance

Tell us, are scents gender biased?

Usually, if we smell something floral, we tend to associate the scent with females while if you smell something spicy or woody, the association is masculine. However, the interesting part is that every perfume will generate a different fragrance when applied on the skin of a man as opposed to that generated when it is applied to the skin of a woman.Of course, we have a distinction between masculine and feminine fragrances but people should not hesitate to experiment After all, at the end of the day, a great perfume is that which simply comes to life when you apply it on your skin.

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