Roja Parfums Where It All Started?

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In an exclusive interview with ParfumPlus magazine, Master Perfumer Roja Dove talks about the incident that inspired him to lay the foundation of Roja Perfumes.

PP: How did Roja Parfums come into existence?


RD:Frankly, I never intended to create Roja Parfums until one day my mother who was otherwise one of the most cheerful persons that I have known, said something very sad. She was concerned that in the generation after us, there was no one to carry forward the family name. Just around this time, one of my friends made me realize the impact that I had on the perfumery segment and convinced me to create my own line of fragrances during a casual dinner conversation. This was how the idea of Roja Parfums was born. Because of what my mother had once said, on the back of each bottle of Roja Parfums, in very small letters, you can read the inscription-A fragrance by Roja Dove. It is the only place where my family name exists and I hope that one day even when I am gone, I leave behind a legacy that is rich enough to continue through this brand so that my family name lives on.




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