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Scented Candles: Passionate, Soothing And Heartwarming!

Nothing lights up a room better than a piece of decor that is unique, tasteful and soul-soothing. Scented candles are magnificent scents that every home needs…

ONE OF the easiest and most effective ways to make your home smell pleasant for that warm and welcoming effect, is using scented candles. For instance, after a long day at work, a scented candle is all you need to unwind, relax and calm your mind.

Before we delve deeper into the subject, it is important to understand that there are a few fragrances that are associated to special moments in our life. For instance, the smell of fresh roses from your grandma’s backyard may end up evoking happy childhood memories.

Similarly, there are various types of fragrances that can be incorporated into scented candles to cast such a soothing effect on the mind to lift the spirits. In the article that follows, we take a look at some such impressive scented candles that are popular across the globe.

One such example is BURBERRY’S FIRE EMBERS SCENTED CANDLE. Handmade in Sussex, England, this candle is said to bring back memories of a countryside escape, long walks and lazy afternoons on a bright sunny day. With warm inviting notes of patchouli, birch and guaiac wood, this scent is nothing but comforting to the mind and soul.

Candles are no longer a simple scent, they are evoking and appealing. Just like this one from NARCISO RODRIGUEZ: A CELEBRATION CANDLE FOR HER. With notes that fill the heart with happiness: floral, amber and woody notes. The scent is sensual, mysterious, elegance and delicate. Like the very perfumes from the brand, the candle is sharing the same aromatic pleasure.

Elegant, soothing and long-lasting to calm one’s inner self. Fruity and floral notes are a popular pick when it comes to relaxing scents in candles. Majority of people, enjoy a welcoming atmosphere of different aromas in their homes regardless of any occasion.

GIVENCHY’S DAHLIA NOIR CANDLE is both feminine and sensual with the floral and powdery notes. A classic Givenchy taste is outlined in this candle’s aroma and is said to leave your home with an atmosphere that is comforting, soothing and soul-numbing. Warm and amber swirls of this scent twist into a rare yet fascinating fragrance, this one’s definitely for the people who like surprises.

Candles are able to create the soothing effect through the blend of notes that make its fragrance. Basically, there are various notes identified to evoke different types of emotions and accordingly influence the mood of the people inhaling the fragrance. For example, notes like vanilla, rose and sandalwood are known to be associated to the emotions of romance.

Like this one from Prada is refined and refreshing with light romantic aroma. PRADA’S INFUSION D’IRIS is created on the same lines of Prada’s most iconic perfumes. Rather this one is associated with the ancient production of wasp extractions. That is, months of producing a delicate and mind-refreshing aroma of yewberry. The notes of orange rings, floral shoots, cedar, benzoin resin cedar combine into an intimate and erotic flavour.

However, some people prefer a more subtle fragrance in the scents. FLORA BY GUCCI is a good pick for them! Composed from the notes of mandarin, peony, rose and osmanthus flower, this scented candle is best known for its floral fragrance. Fresh and feminine, the fragrance remains very Gucci, with a sensual and subtle base note of sandalwood and pink pepper.

Ever since, the world acknowledged the association of fragrance to memories and emotions, home fragrance continues to evolve into one of the most rapidly growing markets.